Meet the woman behind MorgueMade, Florida’s only pet taxidermy business

Straight from Florida’s oddity culture, Allison Doty taxidermies all sorts of animals and people’s beloved pets. “There’s a huge stigma around pet taxidermy,” said Doty. “I’m hoping to break that.”

Total Inclusion

This film won an Award of Excellence in the Multimedia: Group Story or Essay Category in the College Photographer of the Year competition (2022).

Total Inclusion follows Bella Plaza’s journey to give her son, Andrés, a quality education while living in the Galápagos Islands. Resources for people with disabilities are limited on San Cristóbal Island. As a result, parents must advocate for their total inclusion. Full story here:

Las Dos Rosas

This film won first place in the Hearst Journalism Awards Program Multimedia III – Digital News or Enterprise Story – Individual category.

Las Dos Rosas tienda opened in the mountain town of Sparta, N.C., in 2007. The store is managed by Rosa Caro, of El Magistral, Jalisco, Mexico, who came to North Carolina in 1995. After her husband died of brain cancer, Caro went from occasionally visiting the store to working full time, sometimes resulting in her not taking a break for months at a time. The store primarily serves Mexican immigrants, with a large portion being seasonal farmworkers in an area where Hispanics only make up 6 percent of the population. “Here in Sparta, it survives by immigrants.,” said Caro.